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Helen's is an online accessories retailer providing fancy, fashionable, trendy and timeless adornments. Helen's is inspired by my grandmother (Helen) and my mother (Mae Helen), both of whom love hats. When my grandmother was living, she loved to wear her hats. Before she passed, she promised my mother that she would leave her the collection. I want Helen's to not only provide an opportunity to enhance any look by crowning your heads with a "haute" hat, but to also pay homage to the queens of my life that have made me into the woman I am. 
Helen's was birthed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, we were quarantined and asked not to leave our homes unless it was an emergency. I was not able to get my hair maintenanced and had to think of ways to remain fly and fashionable. I started ordering hats, specifically fedoras. I never used to wear many hats because I, like other women, don't like to mess up my hair. I went from one or two fedoras, to an entire collection of my own in months. I was hooked and you will be too!
We began with only selling hats of all types and currently, we have expanded to handbags, crossbody bags, sunglasses, tees and more!
We are so excited to bring you daring trends and fun accessories at affordable prices from top brands! Please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on new arrivals, discounts and more! 
Talk to you soon,
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